Press Release

Cure Search

Parexel was the presenting sponsor of Cure Search’s 2021 National Walk, a virtual event to raise awareness and research funding for pediatric cancers. “As a leading clinical research organization, Parexel is committed to making a difference in patients’ lives and collaborating with organizations who also keep the patient at the heart of everything they do,” said Katherine Minson, Medical Director and Pediatric Oncologist at Parexel and member of CureSearch’s Industry Advisory Council.

The CureSearch National Walk raises funds to accelerate the development of new and less-toxic pediatric cancer treatments. Most current standard childhood cancer treatments were developed before 1990. Our kids deserve better. That’s why CureSearch is working to bring children to forefront of new drug development to deliver better treatments options to those that need them most. “Parexel is delighted to sponsor CureSearch’s 2021 National Walk and join this important effort to provide research funding to find new safe and effective treatments for children with cancer,” said Katherine.

Watch the 2-minute video from Katherine explaining Parexel’s relationship with Cure Search and why this effort is personally important to her.

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